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Wandering the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.
Photos from hikes in the Belmont area of Saguaro National Park West.
Holy Grail Temple.
Confucius and Mencius Temples and Shadow.
Krishna Shrine and Vishnu Temple.
Sunset in Prairie Wash.
Sunset at the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge.
Sunset in the San Mateo Mountains.
Ragged Top at Sunset.
Navajo Knob Sunset.
Sunset Point in Cedar Break National Monument.
We hiked the (muddy!) Ramparts Trail from the Cedar Breaks National Monument Visitor Center at the end of the day to see sunset from Spectra Point - great light - no pictures but the hike back in the dusk was quiet and lovely.
Spectra Point Sunset 02.
Pine Valley Peak, Northgate Peaks, North Guardian Angel.
Wooden Shoe.
Sunset from above the Needles Campground.
La Sal Mountains.
Shadow Temple.
Pothole Point Sunset 01.
Sunset from Golden Gate Mountain.
Sunset View near Walapai Point.
Storm over Picacho from Veterans Trail North.
Sunset from the Reno Lookout Tower.
Sunset in Chiricahua National Monument.
Sunset at Sandstone Bluffs in El Malpais.
Hills across the Little Colorado River in the Sunset.
From the Bridge over Deception Pass.
Eyes over Deception Pass.
Deception Pass Sunset.
Sunset from South Beach on San Juan Island.
Sunset from the slopes of Malpais Hill.
Ragged Top from the slopes of Malpais Hill.
Looking West from Malpais Hill with Gu Achi Peak on the Left.
The Silver Bell Mine is visible on the right side of the photo.
Charles in the Skyline of the Joshua Sunset.
Wotans Throne.
Sunset from the Samaniego Hills.
Sunset light on Ragged Top.
Sunset in Joshua Tree.
Joshua Tree Sunset.
Ruby Beach at Sunset.
Hiking in the Sunset.
ADT Sunset.
Orange Sky.
Photographing the Sunset.
Port Orford Sunset.
Sun and Goose.
Sunset from Cape Sebastian.
Last of the Light on the Ferry to Orcas.
Ending the day watching the sunset from the bridge.
Limekiln Lighthouse.
Orca swimming into the Sunset.
Sunset in Limekiln State Park.
Sunset in Limekiln State Park 02.
With Alison, Dana and Richard - heading back to Tucson after several days at the OR show for the Summit Hut.
With Alison on the River Path, Lesser Nighthawks and Bats in the sky, watching lizards, lights from Brandi Fenton, Panther and Sombrero Peaks - even on an urban path with the noise of cars in the background and power poles splitting the it is amazing.
Tower of Ra in Sunset Light from Yuma Point.
Sunset on Yuma Point looking towards Isis Temple.
Sunset in the Samaniego Hills.
Smoke over the Tucson Valley.
Sunset on Veterans Trail in the Tucson Mountains.
Sunset on the Abington Trail in the Tucson Mountains.
Cholla on the Abington Trail.
Wild Burro Canyon in the Sunset.
Sunset in Cedar Breaks National Monument.
Jackrabbit and Sunset.
Sunset 1.
Sunset 2.
Desert View Watchtower in the Sunset.
Grand Canyon Sunset from the Tanner Trail 01.
Grand Canyon Sunset from the Tanner Trail 02.
Grand Canyon Sunset from the Tanner Trail 03.
Tanner Canyon Saddle.
Charles, Richard and Alison in the Sunset.
Devin, Richard and Alison in the Sunset.
Jupiter Rama and Venus.
Snow and Sunset at the top of the Grandview Trail.
Isis Temple in the sunset from Mohave Point.
Mohave Point Sunset.
Salomon Temple in the Sunset.
Vishnu Temple and Rama Shrine.
Cedar Mountain Shadow stretching towards the Little Colorado River and Black Knob.
Cedar Mountain Shadow Crossing the Little Colorado River.
Sunset on the Silver Bell Mine.
Silver Bell Mine from the North West.
Malpais Hill from Point 2186.
Looking over Tarantula Mesa to the Henry Mountains from the Red Canyon Trail.
Sunset from the Red Canyon Trail.
Waves and Sun at the End of the Day.
Blackbirds in the Sunset.
Golden Gate Mountain in the Sunset.
Mattaponi River.
Sunset from Tumamoc Hill.
Last Light on Pusch Ridge.
Desert View Watchtower.
Joshua Tree and Moon from the Black Rock Canyon Trail in Joshua Tree National Park.
Looking across the Grand Canyon from the Desert View Watchtower.
Sunset from Maricopa Point 01.
Sunset from Maricopa Point 02.
Sunset in the Kelso Dunes.
Zabriskie Sunset.
After Sunset from the Devils Highway.
Cedar Breaks National Monument.
Sunset from Las Cienegas National Conservation Area.
Salomon Temple.
Grand Canyon Sunset.
Solstice Sunset from just outside the West Wall of Pueblo Bonito.
Sunset off Highway 191 West of Rose Peak 01.
Sunset off Highway 191 West of Rose Peak 02.
Sunset off Highway 191 West of Rose Peak 03.
Sunset on the Dunes from the Zepata Falls Parking Lot.
VLA from the Datil Well Recreation Area.
Coal Mine Canyon 01.
Coal Mine Canyon 02.
Coal Mine Canyon 03.
Coal Mine Canyon 04.
From Shoshone Point.
Grand Canyon from Shoshone Point 01.
Sunset from Shoshone Point 02.
Desert View Sunset 01.
Desert View Sunset 02.
Last of the sunset at the mouth of Cathedral Wash on the Colorado.
Sunset along the Paria River.
Agave Sunset.
Rincon Peak.
Sun and Cholla.
Tucson Mountains.
Saguaro National Park Sunset.
Sun over the Tucson Mountains.
Above the Salt River From Highway 60.
End of the Day on the East Baldy Trail.
Sunset from the East Baldy Trail.
Gavin on Wasson Peak.
Sunset Clouds.
With Bandon as our starting point we found a room at the Sea Star Guest House and got to the beach to enjoy the sunset!
Sunset on the Coast Trail.
Sunset coming down from Golden Gate Mountain.
Cat Mountain Sunset 1.
Cat Mountain Sunset 2.
Moonrise and Sunset from the Observation Point Trail 01.
Moonrise and Sunset from the Observation Point Trail 02.
End of the day near the Snobowl Trailhead.
Sunset above Sycamore Canyon.
Sunset in the Tucson Mountains.
Sunset Thru the Trees.
Sycamore Canyon.
Just before the start of the 26k.
Sunset from Highway 24.
Bear Mountain Sunset 01.
Bear Mountain Sunset 02.
Bear Mountain Sunset 03.
Sunrise Together on Bear Mountain.
Thumb Butte After Sunset 01.
Thumb Butte After Sunset 02.
Close to Sunset near Gates Pass.
Dream Mountains and False Reflection.
Golden Gate Sunset.
Alison in the Sunset on the Bell Trail.
Sunset from the Jasper Forest Viewpoint 01.
Sunset from the Jasper Forest Viewpoint 02.
Sunset from the Jasper Forest Viewpoint 03.
Wet Beaver Creek Sunset.
White House Sunset.
A window in the Backbone.
Devils Shoulder.
Cape Royal Sunset 01.
Cape Royal Sunset 02.
Sunset from the Waterman Mountains.
Sunset in Ironwood Forest National Monument.
Sunset on the Bighorn Fire.
Sunset with Bighorn Fire Smoke.
Sun Setting behind Oracle Ridge with Smoke from the Bighorn Fire.
Sunset over Rice Peak with Smoke from the Bighorn Fire.
Looking over the San Pedro River into Smoke from the Bighorn Fire.
Fun to look back on Wheeler Peak since we hiked it several days ago!
Hills in the Waterman Mountains.
Brian Head Sunset.
Amazing to be in the Tinajas Altas Mountains on the Camino del Diablo in the AM and catching the end of sunset at Snowbowl in the evening!
Comanche Point Sunset.