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Alison at the Sweetwater Wetlands.
Red-winged Blackbird.
Looking Up.
Blackbirds at Sweetwater Wetlands.
Blackbirds in the Sunset.
Sweetwater Cleanup.
Bufflegrass Removal at Sweetwater Wetlands.
Juvenile Harris's Hawk.
Sweetwater Wetlands.
Wary Looks.
Sweetwater Wetlands Buffelgrass Removal.
Sweetwater Wetlands Buffelgrass Before Starting Work.
Harris's Hawk 1.
Zebra-Tailed Lizard.
Sunset Night Hawks over Sweetwater.
Harris's Hawk 2.
Red-winged Blackbird.
Sweetwater Wetlands Buffelgrass After Buffelgrass Removal.
Alison taking a picture at the Sweetwater Wetlands.
Blackbirds and Moon.
Coots in the Duckweed.
Birds over the Sweetwater Wetlands.
Red Winged Blackbird in the Wind.
Yellow Headed Blackbirds.
ADT Stalking a Turtle.
Water stop.
Sweetwater Wetlands - Blackbirds!