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Many things happen in the desert so I can't be sure but I believe this cross was placed by artist Alvaro Enciso for a migrant who died here from exposure. Her body was reported in 2006 and she remains unidentified.
Hearst Tanks 03.
Hearst Tanks 01.
Hearst Tanks 02.
Tank on the South Rim.
Water in the Samaniego Hills.
Windmill and Tank near the San Pedro River.
Wildlife Water.
I believe this is a Flint and Walling Windmill (maybe a Model 37?) - I'm not an expert on Windmills but took note since I mainly see Aeromotor Windmills. As usual the Windmill still stands but the work is done by a solar powered pump.
Water in Ironwood Forest National Monument.
Tank Top.
Tank and Tire.
New and Old Water.
Windmill reflection in a tank below Crow Windmill
Tank in the Samaniego Hills.
1933 June.
Tank, Grass and Manure.
Steel Tank and Smaller Cement Tank below Rock Spring.
Alison across the Tank.
Tank and Corral below Point 2211.
Fallen Tank above Kentucky Camp.
Old Tank below the Saddle.
El Represso de Lamita from El Cerrito de Represso.
Old Tank below French Joe Spring.
Papago Well.