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2019 December Wall integrating natural features at Wupatki Pueblo
Wall integrating natural features at Wupatki Pueblo.
Tags: wall,wupatki national monument,wupatki pueblo
2013 June Grand Central Mill Ruins
The Grand Central Mill was a silver processing stamp mill that processed ore from the Tombstone area mines.
Tags: arizona,cochise county,grand central mill,mill,ruin,san pedro riparian national conservation area,san pedro river valley,stamp mill,tucson field office,wall
2016 October Canyon Wall in Capitol Reef
Canyon Wall in Capitol Reef.
Tags: canyon,capitol reef national park,utah,wall
2018 October Homolovi II Walls
An exposed section at Homolovi II.
Tags: archaeology,arizona,homolovi ii,homolovi state park,pueblo,wall
2016 October Canyon Texture
Canyon Texture.
Tags: canyon,capitol reef national park,texture,utah,wall
2017 June Pueblo Bonito Wall
Pueblo Bonito Wall.
Tags: chaco canyon,chaco canyon national historic park,new mexico,pueblo bonito,wall
2017 June Pueblo Bonita Wall
Pueblo Bonita Wall.
Tags: chaco canyon national historic park,new mexico,pueblo bonito,wall,window
2020 November Wall in the Samaniego Hills
Wall in the Samaniego Hills.
Tags: arizona,ironwood forest national monument,pima county,samaniego hills,tucson field office,wall