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An amazing place to be...
Wasson Peak.
A View Across the Hay Hook Ranch from Point 4181 with Mount Lemmon in the distance.
Richard and Kirsten below Wasson Peak - Alison and I lingered at the peak and the meandered down taking pictures and looking at insects.
Night view from Wasson Peak.
Alison coming up to Wasson Peak.
Running up Wasson Peak with Richard.
Heading up to Sombrero Peak.
View from Sombrero Peak.
Tower Peak with Wasson Peak in the background.
Nearly on top of Bushmaster.
Sweetwater and King Canyon Trails from Wasson Peak.
Panther Peak and Safford (Sombrero) Peak from Wasson Peak.
Looking up at Wasson Peak.
Heading down from Wasson Peak.
Wasson Peak.
Gavin in the Sun.
Gavin on Wasson Peak.
Golden Gate Mountain.
Panther and Sombrero from Wasson Peak.
Sunset Clouds.
Wasson Peak Shadow stretching towards the Santa Catalina Mountains.
Alison on Wasson Peak.
A Mountain Fireworks.
City Lights and Picture Rocks Road.
Enjoying the 4th of July on Wasson Peak.
Fireworks from Wasson Peak.
Moonlight from Wasson Peak.
Start of the Fireworks.
Wasson Ghosts 1.
Wasson Ghosts 2.
Moonlight on the desert floor from Wasson Peak.
Charles and Alison on Wasson Peak.
Looking across Wakefield Canyon and the Empirita Ranch.
Looking over Whillock Ranch Land towards Wasson Peak.
Waterman Peak looking towards the Tucson Mountains.