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Many things happen in the desert so I can't be sure but I believe this cross was placed by artist Alvaro Enciso for a migrant who died here from exposure. Her body was reported in 2006 and she remains unidentified.
Hearst Tanks.
Cormorants on Patagonia Lake.
Looking Down on the Montezuma Well.
Water in the Samaniego Hills.
South Beach Ghost.
Together on South Beach.
Watching the sky near the old Kilns in Lime Kiln State Park on San Juan Island.
Kolob Reservoir.
Sleeping Ducks at Kolob Reservoir.
Sunset from South Beach on San Juan Island.
The Lake in the Santa Rita Mountains.
Wildlife Water.
I believe this is a Flint and Walling Windmill (maybe a Model 37?) - I'm not an expert on Windmills but took note since I mainly see Aeromotor Windmills. As usual the Windmill still stands but the work is done by a solar powered pump.
Water in Ironwood Forest National Monument.
New and Old Water.
Windmill reflection in a tank below Crow Windmill
A couple of miles in there was an area that seems to get some heavy use by cattle - a nearby pen seemed like it would be quite an unpleasant area if the cows were there...
Coot on Patagonia Lake.
Reflection in Patagonia Lake.
Little Wildhorse Tank Area.
Holes in a Water Jug.
Mount Finlayson on San Juan Island.
Rocky Coast near South Beach.
Black Oyster Catcher.
Grandmas Cove.
Surface flow was intermittent, where it was flowing it was amazing!
A small pool in Guindani Canyon.
Montezuma Well exit channel.
Montezuma Well looking back at the higher Cliff Dwellings.
Reflection in Westside Lake on San Juan Island.
Quick Stop at Pebble Beach.
Water behind Barker Dam in Joshua Tree National Park.
A stop at Lees Ferry on the way to Flagstaff!
Paria River joining the Colorado.
French Joe Spring.
Reflection in Sycamore Canyon on the Parsons Trail.
Night on the Parsons Trail.
Near the start of the Parsons Trail.
Moonlight in Sycamore Canyon.
End of the Day on West Clear Creek.
West Clear Creek.
Fall Color at the Lee Valley Reservoir.
Near Bell Crossing.
Sandstone and Water.
Looking down Shaw Canyon from Charlies Dam.
Looking up canyon at Charlies Dam in Shaw Canyon 01.
Looking up canyon at Charlies Dam in Shaw Canyon 02.
Shaw Canyon in the Rincon Mountain Wilderness.
Looking Up Shaw Canyon.
Flowing Water in Shaw Canyon.
Lowest of the High Tanks.
High Tanks.
Dana Dave and Stephanie at the High Tanks.
Flowing water beside Douglas Spring Campground