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Years ago I would likely have rejected this route since it is dirt road rather than trail - which now seems stupid, this journey was the same either way and to see this landscape was special.
When I first saw this picture I thought that there was some odd error/mistake - the road ahead and behind look so similiar - really just in the middle of nowhere with Creosote all around!
Just off Highway 80 this was a great landmark for the start of my run - there did seem to be some ok parking just outside the State Land gate (if you have a non-tempting car anyway...).
Picture included since it is a bit of a landmark - less than 5 minutes from Middlemarch road on the route I took you should see this gate with a AZ State Land sign.
The land here was just a bit different - not sure if the impact was grazing or... The signs in the area noted that berms had been build and reseeding done - perhaps to restore this area - a restoration on the N-Bar ranch is also mentioned on the signs.
A couple of miles in there was an area that seems to get some heavy use by cattle - a nearby pen seemed like it would be quite an unpleasant area if the cows were there...