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Line of Cottonwoods along the San Pedro River with the Whetstone Mountains in the background.
Gate at the San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area Border.
Whetstone Mountains from near Cinega Creek.
Junction of the Guindani and Cottonwood Saddle Trails.
Rainbow Cactus in the Whetstone Mountains.
Looking up Guindani Canyon on the Cottonwood Saddle Trail.
Climbing at the Dry.
Cottonwood Peak.
Barrel Near the Tank.
Old Tank below the Saddle.
Alison coming up the Trail.
Insects on Cholla.
Coral Beans.
Overgrown Cottonwood Saddle Trail.
A Sandy Stretch of Guindani Canyon.
Guindani and Cottonwood Saddle Trail Junction.
View from just below the Saddle.
Headed down.
Cement Trough.
Cottonwood Peak in the Distance.
2201 View from Cottonwood Saddle.
Agave and a hint of Fall Color.
Alison on the Eggplant.
A small pool in Guindani Canyon.
Close to the Guindani Trailhead and Parking.
Colorful Moth.
Getting near the end.
Large Ocotillo.
Looking towards the Dragoon Mountains.
Patterns in the sky.
French Joe Canyon.
French Joe Spring.
Old Tank below French Joe Spring.
Shadows and Sun in French Joe Canyon.
Looking across the San Pedro to Cochise Stronghold from the French Joe Canyon Road.
Whetstone Mountains from the Empirita Ranch.
Whetstone Mountains from the edge of Wakefield Canyon in the Empirita Ranch.
Looking down Shaw Canyon from Charlies Dam.
Between Posta Quemada and Shaw Canyons.
A beautiful day with friends in the Whetstone Mountains
A drive thru Pima County's Empirita Ranch including a visit to Wakefield Spring.