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Typical Trail in the Hoypus Area of Deception Pass State Park.
From the Bluff Trail at Ebey's Landing.
Enjoying the Beach just North of the Bluff Trail.
Alison on the Bluff Trail.
Ferry Ride from Mukilteo to Clinton, Whidbey Island.
Alison Hiking along Perego's Lake.
Our first hike on Whidbey Island - I had been here in October of last year and it was too good not to visit again.
Heron Hunting in Perego's Lake.
Above the Fields.
At the Overlook on the Bluff Trail.
End of Trail.
Heading Back.
Perego's Lake.
Sitting on the Beach.
Starting the Hike at Ebey's Landing.
Trail along Perego's Lake.
Trail Heading down to Perego's Lake.
Trash Balloon.
Walking on the Beach.
Black Turnstones feeding near the Coupville pier.
A short walk on the pier after breakfast - we watched gulls and crows dropping mussels to open them and saw a Bald Eagle!
Deception Pass Bridge.
Garter Snake.
We watched several gulls eating what appeared to be smaller starfish - but rather than pick them apart like I would have guessed the would sit a work on swallowing them whole.
Hiking the Perimeter of Goose Rock.
Looking down on Cornet Bay.
Near Cranberry Lake.
After Ebey's Landing we went to South Whidbey Island State Park for a walk thru the forest - beautiful huge old growth along the Wilbert Trail.
Pacific Northwest Trail Marker.
Beautiful section of the Ridge trail - this area is 'younger' than the forest along the Wilbert trail, the Alders and trail were amazing!
Rocks at the end of North Beach.
Ending the day watching the sunset from the bridge.
Headed to Whidbey Island after arriving in Seattle - vacation day 1!
Together on Goose Rock.
Looking roughly west.