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Line of Cottonwoods along the San Pedro River with the Whetstone Mountains in the background.
Just off Highway 80 this was a great landmark for the start of my run - there did seem to be some ok parking just outside the State Land gate (if you have a non-tempting car anyway...).
At the base of the windmill at Papago Spring.
Momsen-Dunnegan-Ryan Co El Paso Texas.
I believe this is a Flint and Walling Windmill (maybe a Model 37?) - I'm not an expert on Windmills but took note since I mainly see Aeromotor Windmills. As usual the Windmill still stands but the work is done by a solar powered pump.
Windmill at Deer Camp on the Hope Camp Trail.
While windmills are fairly common in the west I don't know much about them and it was fascinating to see this piece.
This windmill had a storage tank and open tank, the storage tank was holding water (that I took advantage of for 'dump over me' water on the way out).
Still in business today - http://www.aermotorwindmill.com/
Papago Spring Windmill.
Papago Well.
Windmill reflection in a tank below Crow Windmill
Crow Windmill.
Windmill and Tank near the San Pedro River.