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Kolob Cliffs.
Running Towards Angels Landing.
From the Shuttle, Rain as I head out for a run.
Shuntavi Butte from the Timber Creek Overlook Trail.
Virgin River near the end of the trail.
ADT on the Behunin First Rappel.
Upper Emerald Pool.
Red Muddy Virgin River near the Zion Park Entrance.
Damselfly in the Left Fork of North Creek 01.
Damselfly in the Left Fork of North Creek 02.
From the Grapevine Trail.
Pine Valley Peak, Northgate Peaks, North Guardian Angel.
Petroglyphs along the Spry Canyon Approach.
Walters Wiggles.
2000 Summer Zion Visitors Center Parking Lot.
2000 Summer OrdervilleCanyon.
2000 Summer Charles Wading in the Zion Narrows.
2000 Summer Charles and Alison in Orderville Canyon.
2000 Summer Alison Jumping in Orderville.
Hiking to Upper Emerald Pools.
View from above Last Rappel.
View from Angel's Landing.
Poor Weather in Zion.
Zion Observation Point.
Zion Campground.
Waiting in Pine Creek.
Sunny Ledge in Pine Creek.
Sun Coming into Pine Creek.
Rappelling in Pine Creek.
Rappel into Mystery Spring.
Pine Creek.
Pile of Sand in Mystery Canyon.
Observation Point.
Mystery Canyon Walls.
Mystery Canyon Spring.
Mystery Canyon Jump.
Mystery behind the Sand Pile.
Last Rappel in Pine Creek.
Lara Rappelling out into the Narrows.
In the Pine Creek Narrows.
Hike out of Pine Creek.
Dana Splashing into Mystery Canyon.
Dana Rappelling in Pine Creek.
Cold Water in Pine Creek.
Charles Jumping in Mystery Canyon.
Andy and Reuben at Weeping Rock.
Starting the Technical section of Englestead.
Rappeling off a jammed log in Englestead.
Hiking in Englestead Hollow.
Echo Canyon Narrows.
First Pools in Echo Canyon.
Zion Squirrel 2.
Zion Squirrel 1.
Top of the First Falls in Orderville.
Suspended Garden above Orderville.
Sun and Shade in Orderville canyon.
Spry Canyon Hanging Rappel.
Spry Canyon Approach.
Sliding Thru Orderville.
Rattler in Orderville.
Orderville Narrows.
Orderville Handline Downclimb.
Orderville First Rappel.
Lara in the Orderville Waterpark.
Lara in Orderville.
Lara Headed into the Spry Canyon Narrows.
Heading into the final section of Spry Canyon.
First Rappel into Spry Canyon.
Dana on Rappel in Spry Canyon.
Dana in Orderville.
Cold Pools in Orderville.
Alison in Orderville.
Alison above the Petroglyphs.
Lounging in Echo Canyon.
Looking out of Echo Canyon.
A Cold Plunge into Echo Canyon.
Alison starting the Second Rappel.
Dana after the First Rappel in Behunin.
Dana Rappeling the Rotting Log.
Dana Rappeling the Rotting Log 2.
Hiking the Middle Fork of Taylor Creek.
View from the Kolob Section Road.
Stunning reality of the Angels Landing Bathrooms.
Green section leading to Behunin.
Dana and Lara on the approach.
Above Angels Landing.
Working back down from the Waterfall.
Waterfall in Pine.
View from the motel.
The Weather Moves in.
Lava Point View.
Lava Point Cliffs.
Hiking Up Pine.
Canyon Toad.
Behunin The Canyon Welcomes Us.
Behunin Looking Back on Angels Landing.
Behunin Ken after the Entrance Raps.
Behunin Heading Up Walters Wiggles.
Behunin First Rap.
Behunin Final Rap.
Behunin Final Approach Section.
Behunin CM and ADT.
Behunin ADT Starting the Next to Last Rap.
Above the Final Rap.
The Start of the Englestead Narrows.
Lara on the First Rappel in Englestead.
Ice at the start of Englestead.
Downclimbing in Englestead Hollow.
Dana in the depths on Englestead Hollow.
Cliffs on the Englestead Approach.
Charles on the First Englestead Rappel.
Charles at the Mid Wall Station.
Alison on the Second Rappel in Englestead.
Lara in Behunin Canyon.
Lara Hiking to Behunin Canyon.
Charles Setting the First Behunin Rappel.
Cascade Falls Trail - with all the other people - and then a quite hike on the Virgin River Rim Trail while the storm moved in - we were surprised by the distant but remarkable view of Zion.
Charles starting the last Rappel in Behunin Canyon.
Small insects in a puddle on the Timber Creek Overlook Trai.
Mom and Dad leaving Weeping Rock.
Middle Emerald Pool.
The Behunin Canyon exit into the Emerald Pools Area.
Alison hiking down Separation Canyon.
Alison in Many Pools.
Arriving at the saddle in Checkerboard Canyon.
Cat Tracks.
Descending Back Down Many Pools.
Headed Up.
Ice in Checkerboard Canyon.
Ice in Echo Canyon.
Looking Down Echo Canyon.
Moonrise and Sunset from the Observation Point Trail 01.
Moonrise and Sunset from the Observation Point Trail 02.
Observation Point Trail by Headlamp 01.
Observation Point Trail by Headlamp 02.
Pebbles in Separation Canyon.
Separation Canyon.
Taking a break a few minutes below the Checkerboard Canyon Saddle.
The Canyon by Moonlight from Observation Point.
Together on Observation Point.
Valentines Heart on Observation Point.
Working over to Separation Canyon.
Zion Backcountry Balloon.
Mystery Canyon Permit.