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Bullet Holes and Barrel Cactus Flowers in the Waterman Mountains - 6/19/2020

Created by Charles Miles on 6/24/2020. Updated on 8/12/2020.

2020 June Light on the Floor of the Tank
Light on the Floor of the Tank. Charles Miles. 6/19/2020.

Curiosity pulled me over to the water tank - it isn't hidden, or hard to reach, and the bullet pierced exterior is sadly typical - at a glance nothing special, but inside...

2020 June Bullet Hole Mosaic
Bullet Hole Mosaic. Charles Miles. 6/19/2020.

Rather than crumbling to nothing the injured tank, no longer able to hold water even if there was anyone willing to give it the job, has turned to more challenging philosophical and artistic pursuits - contemplating inner light and darkness, creating ever changing shapes and mosaics and conjuring endless expression out of desert light, discard bits and the blessings of the natural world.

2020 June Thru the Tank
Thru the Tank. Charles Miles. 6/19/2020.

The Tank's art and dedication appear infinite - I can see why it seems unmoved by my small ego driven efforts and skeptical of photographic 'art' made using thousands of dollars of portable glass, metal and plastic creating nothing but ephemeral electric shimmers of 1's and 0's.

2020 June Into the Tank
Into the Tank. Charles Miles. 6/19/2020.

Humbled, I try to take inspiration from the Tank and do nothing but make the best images I can - that my best efforts will be forgotten in the desert is beside the point, it makes no difference, they are the same images regardless and the gift is to be here in the desert making them.

2020 June Tank Holes
Tank Holes. Charles Miles. 6/19/2020.
2020 June Bee and Barrel Cactus Flower
Bee and Barrel Cactus Flower. Charles Miles. 6/19/2020.

Deeper into the Waterman Mountains the Barrels are blooming and the bees are out, the Turk's Head Cactus Blooms from several days ago are no where to be found and the heat is amazing!

2020 June Disappearing into the Flower
Disappearing into the Flower. Charles Miles. 6/19/2020.

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