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Fire Barrels, Ironwood Pod, Titan Missile - 5/28/2020

Created and Updated by Charles Miles on 5/28/2020.

2020 May Fire Barrel Flower in the Waterman Mountains
Fire Barrel Flower in the Waterman Mountains. Charles Miles. 5/28/2020.
2020 May Fire Barrel Flower Cactus Flower
Fire Barrel Flower Cactus Flower. Charles Miles. 5/28/2020.
2020 May Fire Barrel Cactus
Fire Barrel Cactus. Charles Miles. 5/28/2020.

The Fire Barrels are blooming, the Saguaro Flowers are fading and the Ironwoods have seed pods - the season is spiraling into a blinding heat - near noon in the Waterman Mountains the heat is breathtaking.

2020 May Ironwood Pod
Ironwood Pod. Charles Miles. 5/28/2020.

There is no end to the strangeness in the desert - off Johnston Mine Road an interpretive site now covers Titan Missile Site 570-3. There were 18 of these sites in Arizona that were manned 24/7 from 1963 to 1987. In 2016 the BLM and the US Air Force dedicated this interpretive site in Ironwood Forest National Monument. Titan II Missile Interpretive Site - Friends of Ironwood Forest.

2020 May Looking over the Titan II Missile Interpretive Site to the Silver Bell Mountains
Titan Missile Site 570-3 - one of 18 across our state - now an interpretive site. Charles Miles. 5/28/2020.

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