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Webs and Flowers - Hope Camp, North Coyote Wash, Ruiz Trail Loop - 2/24/2020

Created and Updated by Charles Miles on 4/5/2020.

A spider waits on a dew covered web for its next meal.
A spider hunting on a dew covered web in the Rincon Mountains. Charles Miles. 2/24/2020.

Just after noon in the bright Tucson sun it is a surprise to find droplets of water covering the spider webs - finding the first one is an accident, but after that the sandy wash bank just off the Hope Camp Trail in the Rincon Mountains seems to be covered by webs, spiders hunting from their dark centers.

A layer of water droplets is suspended mid-air by a spider web.
Morning dew on a spider web suspended over a small plant. Charles Miles. 2/24/2020.
Thin lines of spider web catch the light and connect drops of water suspended over a nearly black background.
Droplets of water suspended on a spider web in a wash. Hope Camp Trail. Charles Miles. 2/24/2020.
Purplish petals in the light with deep shadows in the background.
A Tuber Anemone in the shade of a Mesquite. Charles Miles. 2/24/2020.
2020 February Rue of the Mountain on the North Coyote Wash Trail 02
Rue of the Mountains on the North Coyote Wash Trail. Charles Miles. 2/24/2020.

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