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Blooming Ironwoods - 5/5/2021

Created and Updated by Charles Miles on 5/10/2021.

2021 May Ironwood Flowers in the Sun
Ironwood Flowers in the Sun. Charles Miles. 5/5/2021.
2021 May Blooming Ironwood
Blooming Ironwood. Charles Miles. 5/5/2021.

The Ironwoods are blooming!

It is so dry... Areas covered in flowers last year are empty this year and the first Ironwood Trees we see in Ironwood Forest National Monument are dishearteningly bare - but we keep driving and farther in we are relieved to find trees covered in flowers and buzzing insects.

2021 May Ironwood Flower
Ironwood Flower. Charles Miles. 5/5/2021.
2021 May Small Bug on an Ironwood Flower
Small Bug on an Ironwood Flower. Charles Miles. 5/5/2021.

For us it's too hot for a long desert hike so instead we take strolls from the truck, look for interesting plants and scenes, pick up (thankfully rare) bits of trash and feel grateful to see the Ironwoods blooming again.

2021 May Ironwood
Ironwood. Charles Miles. 5/5/2021.

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