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An overnight trip across Eremita Mesa to Cocopa Point and Yuma Points in Grand Canyon National Park.
Moonrise on Yuma Point.
Yuma Point Shadow at Sunrise.
Yuma Point.
Sunset Light on Whites Butte from Yuma Point.
Sunset Light in the Grand Canyon from Yuma Point.
Sunrise from Yuma Point 02.
Sunrise from Yuma Point 01.
Headlamp on the Hermit Trail early in the Morning.
Out of frame on the rim to the right we could see a few lights in the Hermit's Rest area.
An Oak Filled Canyon on Eremita Mesa near the Silver Bell Route.
Yuma Point Moon Shadow.
Yuma Point from the rim to the West.
View to the confluence of Boucher Creek and Topaz Canyon from west of Cocopa Point.
Tower of Ra in Sunset Light from Yuma Point.
Sunset on Yuma Point looking towards Isis Temple.
The size of the dam for Eremita Tank was a surprise.
Looking East from Cocopa Point.
Looking down on Travertine Canyon on the hike from Cocopa to Yuma Point.
The Hermit and Tonto Trails are both visible below.
Looking Down from Yuma Point to moonlit Whites and Marsh Buttes.
Late Afternoon on Yuma Point Watching the Shadows below the Tower of Ra and Osiris and Horus Temples.
Hiking the Rim above Boucher Creek.
Completely dry. USGS and FS Maps show a road entering the tank from the west along Hermit Creek (center in this picture) - we were able to easily walk the path of the old road but more often than not it seemed like we were following game trails not an old road.
Dana on Cocopa Point from the rim to the West.
Dana on Cocopa Point.
Cocopa Point View 02.
Cocopa Point View 01.