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A first visit to several sites in Agua Fria National Monument.
A hike thru Millville and down to the river in the San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area
Beautiful traces of the past.
Blooming Ironwoods, Saguaro Flowers and Petroglyphs in Ironwood Forest National Monument.
Page 3 from History of Cocoraque Butte.
Information about and a record of site visits by Tohono O’odham tribal members to Cocoraque Butte in Ironwood National Forest by T. J. Ferguson for Arizona Open Lands Trust.
Petroglyphs above Wild Burro Canyon 02.
Petroglyphs above Wild Burro Canyon 01.
Tsankawi Petroglyphs 02.
Tsankawi Petroglyphs 01.
Full text of the European inscription top right above older petroglyphs: We passed by here, the Captain-Sergeant-Major Juan de Arechleta and the Adjutant Diego Martin Barba and the Lieutenant Agustin de Ynojos, year of 1636
Mesa Verde Petroglyph.
Ironwood Petroglyphs 01.
Parowan Gap Petroglyphs 04.
Wet Beaver Creek Petroglyphs 02.
Cocoraque Butte.
Picacho Mountain Petroglyphs 08.
Picacho Mountain Petroglyphs 14.
Inscription Hill Petroglyphs-6.
Petroglyphs 03.
Tortolita Atlatl Ridge Petroglyphs 03.
Petroglyphs 06.
Inscription Hill Petroglyphs-1.
Petroglyphs in Petrified Forest National Park.
Wet Beaver Creek Petroglyphs 01.
Picacho Mountain Petroglyphs 01.
Petroglyphs in the Millville Area near the San Pedro River.
Picacho Mountain Petroglyphs 10.
Inscription Hill Petroglyphs-14.
Cocoraque Butte Petroglyphs 01.
Picacho Mountain Petroglyphs 06.
Inscription Hill Petroglyphs-12.
Cocoraque Butte Petroglyphs 03.
Ironwood Petroglyphs 06.
Inscription Hill Petroglyphs-19.
Picacho Mountain Petroglyphs 11.
Information at these petroglyphs indicated that some of these had been painted over in a misguided attempt to make them more visible.
Atlatl Rock Area 03.
Inscription Hill Petroglyphs-18.
Tortolita Atlatl Ridge Petroglyphs 02.
Petroglyphs 01.
Picacho Mountain Petroglyphs 02.
I stopped here to check out the access/parking and had no idea that this small set of trails/signs/parking/bathroom were here until I arrived - clearly need to read up on the San Pedro more! Millville in the Background.
Petroglyphs 05.
Ironwood Petroglyphs 02.
Petroglyphs 02.
Inscription Hill Petroglyphs-10.
Parowan Gap Petroglyphs 01.
Atlatl Rock 01.
Ironwood Petroglyphs 05.
Inscription Hill Petroglyphs-15.
Cocoraque Butte Petroglyphs 02.
Inscription Hill Petroglyphs-3.
Picacho Mountain Petroglyphs 07.
Inscription Hill Petroglyphs-17.
Picacho Mountain Petroglyphs 05.
Petroglyphs along the Spry Canyon Approach.
Signal Hill Petroglyphs.
Atlatl Rock Area 01.
Ironwood Petroglyphs 09.
Picacho Mountain Petroglyphs 12.
Petroglyphs 07.
Tortolita Atlatl Ridge Petroglyphs 04.
Ironwood Petroglyphs 03.
Ironwood Petroglyphs 08.
Inscription Hill Petroglyphs-11.
Picacho Mountain Petroglyphs 09.
Inscription Hill Petroglyphs-13.
Tortolita Atlatl Ridge Petroglyphs 01.
Inscription Hill Petroglyphs-7.
Ironwood Petroglyphs 13.
Ironwood Petroglyphs 14.
Picacho Mountain Petroglyphs 04.
Picacho Mountain Petroglyphs 03.
Samaniego Hills Petroglyphs 01.
Samaniego Hills Petroglyphs 02.
Samaniego Hills Petroglyphs 03.
Samaniego Hills Petroglyphs 04.
Samaniego Hills Petroglyphs 06.
Petroglyph in Agua Fria National Monument 02.
Footprints from here to the Horizon.
The Tiered Cosmos.
Ironwood East Petroglyph 10.
Ironwood East Petroglyph 09.
Ironwood East Petroglyph 08.
Ironwood East Petroglyph 07.
Ironwood East Petroglyph 06.
Ironwood East Petroglyph 05.
Ironwood East Petroglyph 04.
Ironwood East Petroglyph 03.
Ironwood East Petroglyph 02.
Ironwood East Petroglyph 01.
Ironwood Petroglyphs 11.
Petroglyphs in the Tinajas Altas Mountains.
Cocoraque Butte Petroglyphs 05.
Cocoraque Butte Petroglyphs 04.
Inscription Hill Petroglyphs-4.
Picacho Mountain Petroglyphs 13.
Ironwood Petroglyphs 07.
Cocoraque Butte Petroglyphs 06.
Tortolita Atlatl Ridge Petroglyphs 05.
Ironwood Petroglyphs 10.
Atlatl Rock Area 02.
Ironwood Petroglyphs 04.
Parowan Gap Petroglyphs 03.
Inscription Hill Petroglyphs-8.
Inscription Hill Petroglyphs-16.
Ironwood Petroglyphs 12.
Atlatl Rock 02.
Inscription Hill Petroglyphs-5.
Petroglyphs 04.
Petroglyphs on a boulder along the Bell Trail.
Inscription Hill Petroglyphs-9.
Inscription Hill Petroglyphs-2.
Parowan Gap Petroglyphs 02.
Hillside Marks.