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Waterman Peak.
North Peak of Dos Titos from South Peak.
Ragged Top in the Distance.
Sunset light on Ragged Top.
Blooming Paloverde and Saguaros with Ragged Top and Walcott Peak in the Background.
Setting Sun above the Silver Bell Mountains.
Ragged Top at Sunset.
Silverbell Peak and Waterman Peak on the right, Samaniego Peak and Keystone Peak in the far left - from the summit of Ragged Top.
Malpais Hill and Ragged Top from Point 2211.
Ragged Top.
Ragged Top from the slopes of Malpais Hill.
Ironwood and Ragged Top.
Final Climb up to Ragged Top.
Ironwood Forest National Monument.
Mount Lemmon from the Ragged Top Area.
Taken on Ironwood Forest National Monument's 20th Birthday.
Alison and Bill in the Gully.
Mark and Bill in the Gully.
Silver Bell Peak in Ironwood Forest National Monument - Ragged Top to the right, Silver Bell Mine below.
Rocky cliffs of Ragged Top.
A visit to the Ironwood Forest National Monument on it's 20th birthday and some information about it's declaration.
A drive from the north side of Ironwood Forest National Monument thru the Samaniego Hills to Silverbell Road.
A hike to the summit of Ragged Top - a beautiful desert summit in Ironwood Forest National Monument.