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Silver Bell Mountains from the Samaniego Hills.
Setting Sun above the Silver Bell Mountains.
Silverbell Peak and Waterman Peak on the right, Samaniego Peak and Keystone Peak in the far left - from the summit of Ragged Top.
West Silver Bell Mountain and Solo Peak.
Looking down on the road and homes of the west edge of the Hay.
Ragged Top.
Ironwood Forest National Monument Sign.
Silverbell Mine.
Titan Missile Site 570-3 - one of 18 across our state - now an interpretive site.
Alison and Bill in the Gully.
Mark and Bill in the Gully.
Fire Barrels are blooming in the Waterman Mountains, the Ironwood Flowers have faded and seed pods have emerged and there are always more strange things in the desert...
A drive from the north side of Ironwood Forest National Monument thru the Samaniego Hills to Silverbell Road.