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A 1999 report discussing Mountain Parks and Preserves in Pima County and their potential role in conservation as part of the Sonoran Desert Conservation Plan.
Crumbling balloon in Tucson Mountain Park.
Tucson Mountains on the hike back from Bren.
Sunset from Golden Gate Mountain.
Cat Mountain.
Taking Photos From Little Cat Mountain.
From the City of Tucson Website - "Tucson’s allocation of Colorado River water is delivered to Tucson via the Central Arizona Project (CAP) canal. That Colorado River water is allowed to sink into the ground and recharge the aquifer in Avra Valley at CAVSARP and SAVSARP where it is stored for future use. It is then pumped to the surface and held in the Clearwell Reservoir before it is delivered to Tucson Water customers.".
Looking Down to Cholla.
Hiking in the Sunset.
ADT Working Up the Hill.
ADT Sunset.
Table Mountain from the Slopes of Bren Mountain.
Tower Peak with Wasson Peak in the background.
Summit Register on Tower Peak.
Nearly on top of Bushmaster.
Globe Mallow in the Tucson Mountains.
From Bushmaster in the Tucson Mountains.
Climbing towards Tower Peak in the Tucson Mountains.
Last Light on Pusch Ridge.
Alison on Wasson Peak.
Alison in the Sun on Golden Gate.
Cat Mountain Rainbow.
Gates Pass Double Rainbow.
Looking towards Cat Mountain from Golden Gate.
Love the view of Pusch Ridge (Pusch, Bighorn, Table) with charouleau gap in the background.
Sunset coming down from Golden Gate Mountain.
Togetther on the top of Golden Gate.
Alison on the Cat Mountain Ridge.
Balloon on the sloped below the Cat Mountain Ridge.
Cat Mountain from the Sarasota Trailhead.
Cat Mountain Sunset 1.
Cat Mountain Sunset 2.
Last Light below the Cat Mountain Ridge.
Steep trail down.
Together on the Summit of Cat Mountain.
Alison on Bren Mountain.
Aztec Grasshopper on Bren Mountain 01.
Aztec Grasshopper on Bren Mountain 02.
Broadway and 22nd Disappearing to the East.
Cat Mountain and Tucson Estates.
Close to Sunset near Gates Pass.
Clouds from near Gates Pass.
Dream Mountains and False Reflection.
Gates Pass.
Golden Gate Sunset.
Looking at the Santa Catalina Mountains from Bren Mountain.
November Flower.
Prominent Point disappearing in Shadow.
Saguaro into the Sky.
Kicked it into my ankle... At least I got to use the Hedgehog I recently added to my kit.
Summer Prickly Pear Fruit.
Charles and Alison on Wasson Peak.
Graffiti on the Cat Mountain Summit.
Golden Gate Mountain from the Cat Mountain Summit.
Cat Mountain Summit Repeater.
Cat Mountain East Ridge Scramble.
Cat Mountain East Ridge.
Santa Catalina Mountains from Cat Mountain.