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A hike from the Papago Well Trailhead to Papago Spring on the southwest edge on the Rincon Mountains.
Map of the Arizona Military Telegraph system constructed in the 1870s. Page 103 from Words By Iron Wire.
Page 2 from Words By Iron Wire.
Page 2 from Refining the Role of Cerros de Trincheras in Southern Arizona Settlement.
An 1893 map of Pima County by George Roskruge including smaller inset maps of Tucson and Nogales - an interesting resource for historic names and locations.
Cover Page from Camp-Fires on Desert and Lava, William T. Hornaday, Sc.D..
An article by Norman L. Rue on the history of the Military Telegraph in Arizona.
An article on Tucson Basin cerros de trincheras sites.
Text and photos from an early 20th century journey from Tucson across the desert southwest to Sonoyta and finally to the Gulf of California by William T Hornaday and a party including Dr. Daniel Trembly MacDougal and Godfrey Sykes.
A book by Martha Summerhayes about her remarkable journeys and life with the US Army from 1874 to 1910.
A 1967 Master of Arts Thesis by Norman L. Rue on the Construction of the Military Telegraph in Arizona Territory, 1873-1877.
Charles And Joe After the Colossal Cave Run.
Rillito River Near Craycroft.
Yellow Headed Blackbirds.
ADT Stalking a Turtle.
El Tour De Tucson - Alison and Charles after Finishing.
Sweetwater Wetlands.
Leaving the Summit Hut in the Snow.
Rillito River Path.
Trip Home 01.
Sweetwater Wetlands Buffelgrass After Buffelgrass Removal.
Sweetwater Wetlands Buffelgrass Before Starting Work.
Sweetwater Wetlands Buffelgrass Removal.
Neighborhood Coopers Hawk.
Looking towards the Santa Catalina Mountains.
First Ride on the New Bike.
Horned Lizard.
Alison coming up to Wasson Peak.
Heron in the Neighborhood.
Alison and Lance - July Sweetwater Cleanup.
Lightning from Tumamoc Hill 02.
Lightning from Tumamoc Hill 01.
Lightning from Tumamoc Hill 03.
Alison on Sombrero Peak.
View from Sombrero Peak.
Desert Spiny Lizard on the River Path.
Balloon Trash.
Pottery 01.
Pottery 02.
Pottery 03.
Pottery 04.
Pottery 05.
Vista Del Rio Cultural Resources Park.
Pottery Fragment in Vista del Rio Cultural Park.
Trip Home 03.
Trip Home 02.
A beautiful spider apparently living in or near our dryer room at home, I have only had the pleasure of a visit occasionally...
Lightning from the Stairwell.
Tucson Lightning 01.
Tucson Lightning 02.
Tucson Lightning 03.
Tucson Lightning 04.
Sombrero Peak from Panther Peak.
Pusch Peak from Tumamoc Hill.
Lightning over Tucson.
Wasson Peak Shadow stretching towards the Santa Catalina Mountains.
A Mountain Fireworks.
City Lights and Picture Rocks Road.
Enjoying the 4th of July on Wasson Peak.
Fireworks from Wasson Peak.
Start of the Fireworks.
Cat Mountain Rainbow.
Wasson Ghosts 1.
Wasson Ghosts 2.
Alison on the Cat Mountain Ridge.
Alison in the Tucson Mountains.
Sunset in the Tucson Mountains.
Together on the Slopes of Golden Gate Mountain.
Broadway and 22nd Disappearing to the East.
Cat Mountain and Tucson Estates.
Gates Pass.
Moon Over Tucson 01.
Moon Over Tucson 02.
Pontatoc Ridge from Safford Peak.
Headed out to Knoxville.
Tucson and the Santa Catalina Mountains.
Just before Sunrise.