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Fallen Walls in Agua Fria National Monument.
The pottery scatter at both sites was pretty incredible, people had collected the pottery into small 'displays' which seemed unfortunate but did quickly show the amazing variety of pottery.
Palakti Cross Pictograph.
An Old Village Perched on the edge of a canyon in Agua Fria National Monument.
One of the rooms in this section was pointed out by the guide as a rectangular (Western Pueblo) Kiva - it immediately made me think about the Davis Ranch Kiva on the San Pedro...
Homolovi Donkeys.
Compared to some other parks there was not as much obvious/exposed to see - but amazing to see this site and ponder the 1000+ room pueblo that was in this location.
Palakti Possible Clan Symbols.
An exposed section at Homolovi II.
There were an interesting variety of petroglyphs and pictographs in the grotto area.
The long 'tails' were not a design I remember seeing before...
Petroglyph in Agua Fria National Monument 02.
Tuzigoot National Monument with the Verde River in the Background.
Tuzigoot National Monument.
Walking back to Pueblo la Plata.
Large Barrel Cactus in the Pueblo la Plata Cultural Site Area.
Homolovi I and the Little Colorado River.
Cover Page from The Past Ten Years on Perry Mesa.
Cover Page from Perry Mesa, A Visitor Guide, Scott Wood, Tonto National Forest, 1999.
Page 3 from History of Cocoraque Butte.
Cover Page from The Archaeology of Southeast Arizona: A Class I Cultural Resource Inventory.
Cover Page from Old Pueblo Archaeology - Ironwood Forest National Monument.
Information about and a record of site visits by Tohono O’odham tribal members to Cocoraque Butte in Ironwood National Forest by T. J. Ferguson for Arizona Open Lands Trust.
'From National Register District to National Monument: The Past Ten Years on Perry Mesa' by Connie L. Stone traces the history of administration, land owner ship, research and planning on Perry Mesa.
A guide to the history of Perry Mesa with a focus on the Perry Mesa Tradition in the 13th and 14th centuries.
Published the the BLM The Archaeology of Southeast Arizona: A Class I Cultural Resource Inventory by Gordon Bronitsky and James D. Merritt summarizes and assesses the cultural resources in southeastern Arizona - published in October 1986.
Between Desert and River: Hohokam Settlement and Land Use in the Los Robles Community, Christian E. Downum, 1993.
Old Pueblo Archaeology's February 2015 (Number 73) Bulletin with coverage of the Natural History, Archaeology, and Cultures of the Ironwood Forest National Monument.
Beautiful traces of the past.
A first visit to several sites in Agua Fria National Monument.