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Core links for planning Backcountry Overnight adventures in the Grand Canyon.
A hike down to Horseshoe Mesa on the Grandview Trail including the loop off the east side past the historic Last Chance Mine entrance.
Photos and notes from an overnight trip to Comanche Point on the rim of the Grand Canyon north of the Desert View Watchtower.
Wandering the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.
Overnight on Cedar Mountain in the Grand Canyon National Park.
An overnight trip across Eremita Mesa to Cocopa Point and Yuma Points in Grand Canyon National Park.
Pictures and Notes from a day hike to Mimbreno Point - located west of Hermits Rest and the most heavily used parts of Grand Canyon National Park Mimbreno Point juts out into the Grand Canyon above Vesta Temple and between Boucher Creek and Topaz Canyon.
A night near Walapai Point on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.
A loop in the Grand Canyon from the Waldron Trailhead east Hermit's Rest using the no longer popular top of Boucher's Silver Bell Trail.
Cover Page from the 1933 Desert View Drive in Grand Canyon National Park Guide.
Cover Page from Grand Canyon National Park - Boucher Trail PDF.
A topographic map of the southern part of the Kaibab Plateau - Head of the Grand Canon.
Page 10 from Desert View Drive in Grand Canyon National Park showing Cedar Mountain - 1933.
Cover Page from Grand Canyon NPS Trail PDFs and Backcountry Use Areas Map - October 2019.
Cover Page from Waldron Trail Summary.
Title Page from Clarence Dutton's 1882 Atlas to Accompany the Monograph on the Tertiary History of the Grand Canon District.
An illustration of the view west from Point Sublime from Clarence Dutton's Atlas to Accompany the Tertiary History of the Grand Canon District.
Title Page from Clarence Dutton's 1882 Tertiary History of the Grand Canon District.
Guide Leaflet No.1 - Desert View Drive in Grand Canyon National Park.
Grand Canyon National Park Trail PDFs and Backcountry Use Areas Map.
An NPS document on the Waldron Trail including some interesting historic details.
The National Park Service PDF trail description for the Boucher Trail.
Maps and illustrations of the Grand Canyon area to accompany Clarence Dutton's Tertiary History of the Grand Canyon District.
A geologic journey into the Grand Canyon.
Anagram Red Star Ballon - Trash on the South Rim.
Looking Up Canyon from Mescalero Point.
Looking towards Sunrise from near Walapai Point.
Looking down Topaz Canyon from the Rim of the Grand Canyon.
Looking down Hance Creek at Sunset.
Looking Across the Grand Canyon from Cedar Mountain.
Little Colorado disappearing in the Haze.
Indian Paintbrush on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.
Holy Grail Temple.
Hearst Tanks.
Hazy Sunrise near Walapai Point.
Grand Canyon National Park Boundary Road.
Gold Hill and the Little Colorado River from Cedar Mountain.
Diana Temple Shadow from Mescalero Point.
Diana Temple Moon Shadow.
Confucius and Mencius Temples and Shadow.
City Lights from Cedar Mountain.
Krishna Shrine and Vishnu Temple.
Hearst Tanks 03.
Cement Pad and Bolts Near Grandview Point 01.
Rim East of Grand View Point.
Hearst Tanks 01.
Hearst Tanks 02.
Tank on the South Rim.
View from the South Rim above Turquoise Canyon.
Pollux Temple from Piute Point.
Piute Point.
Looking East from Piute Point to Pollux and Diana Temples.
Castor Temple.
Alison west of Piute Point.
Zoroaster and Brahma Temples.
Tree on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.
Unnamed formation in the center in the the sun, Thor Temple up right in the sun, The Howlands Butte down left in the shadows.
Last Light on Vishnu Temple.
Angels Gate and Shadow on Wotans Throne.
Looking towards the Desert View Tower from Comanche Point, sunset light on the cliffs, San Francisco Peaks in the background.
San Francisco Peaks from Pinal Point.
Storm from Mojave Point.
Snow on the Rim.
South Kaibab Trail below the first switchbacks.
Near the top of the South Kaibab Trail.
Together on the Bright Angel Trail.
Huge Cottonwoods in the Indian Garden Area.
Starting at the North Kaibab Trailhead just after Sunrise.
Endless Climbing to the South Rim on the Bright Angel Trail.
North Kaibab Trail in Bright Angel Canyon.
Phantom Ranch Welcomes You.
Looking back down the Bright Angel Trail.
Beautful Green near Garden Creek.
South Side of the Silver Suspension Bridge.
Walking back from Hermit's Rest.
Moonrise on Yuma Point.
View from West of Walapai Point.
Vesta Temple from Mimbreno Point.
Tower of Set in Sunset Light from Mescalero Point.
Topaz Canyon and Castor Temple on the way to Walapai Point.
Sunset View near Walapai Point.
Sunrise on Mescalero Point Looking Towards Castor and Pollux Temples.
Sunrise near Walapai Point.
Sunrise Light streaming over Confucius and Mencius Temples.
Sunlight thru the notch between Mescalero Point and Diana Temple.
Sunlight thru the gap between Diana Temple and Mescalero Point.
Sun and Shadows below near Salomon Temple.
Standing on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon near Mecalero Point.
Rusted Metal in the Hearst Tanks Area 02.
Rusted Metal in the Hearst Tanks Area 01.
Rocky Ridge.
Dripping Spring from the Hermit Trail.
Clouds around Mencius Temple and Confucius Temple.
Camping at the North Rim Campground.
2000 Summer Grand Canyon.
2000 Summer Charles in the Grand Canyon.
2000 Summer Charles and Alison in the Grand Canyon.
2000 Summer Alison looking into the Grand Canyon.
2000 Summer Alison in the Grand Canyon.
Hills across the Little Colorado River in the Sunset.
Elevation Benchmark near the Grand Canyon Boundary Road.
Close up in the Grand Canyon.
Alison and Charles in the Grand Canyon.
Wotans Throne.
Vishnu Temple.
Possibly Echinocactus polycephalus subs. xeranthemoides.
Sevenmile Tank.
Stars and Clouds over the Grand Canyon.
Diana Temple dividing the world into light and shadow.
Redstem Filaree in Grand Canyon National Park.
Pine Nut.
Packing up on Cedar Mountain.
Night Sky and Clouds over the Grand Canyon from West of Walapai Point.
Moonlight on Pollux Temple from Mescalero Point.
Yuma Point Shadow at Sunrise.
Yuma Point.
Sunset Light on Whites Butte from Yuma Point.
Sunset Light in the Grand Canyon from Yuma Point.
Sunrise from Yuma Point 02.
Sunrise from Yuma Point 01.
Headlamp on the Hermit Trail early in the Morning.
Out of frame on the rim to the right we could see a few lights in the Hermit's Rest area.
An Oak Filled Canyon on Eremita Mesa near the Silver Bell Route.
Yuma Point Moon Shadow.
Yuma Point from the rim to the West.
View to the confluence of Boucher Creek and Topaz Canyon from west of Cocopa Point.
View From the Grandview Trail.
Tower of Ra in Sunset Light from Yuma Point.
Sunset on Yuma Point looking towards Isis Temple.
The size of the dam for Eremita Tank was a surprise.
Looking East from Cocopa Point.
Looking down on Travertine Canyon on the hike from Cocopa to Yuma Point.
The Hermit and Tonto Trails are both visible below.
Looking Down Hance Creek.
Looking Down from Yuma Point to moonlit Whites and Marsh Buttes.
Late Afternoon on Yuma Point Watching the Shadows below the Tower of Ra and Osiris and Horus Temples.
Hiking the Rim above Boucher Creek.
Hance Creek.
Completely dry. USGS and FS Maps show a road entering the tank from the west along Hermit Creek (center in this picture) - we were able to easily walk the path of the old road but more often than not it seemed like we were following game trails not an old road.
Descending off Horseshoe Mesa.
Dana on Cocopa Point from the rim to the West.
Dana on Cocopa Point.
Dana Above Hance Creek.
Cocopa Point View 02.
Cocopa Point View 01.
Mencius and Confucius Temples at sunset from Mimbreno Point.
Switch backs near the top of the South Kaibab Trail.
Scorpion on the South Kaibab Trail.
Night Run on the South Kaibab Trail.
Setting up camp in Mather Campground.
Mather Point Area of the Grand Canyon.
South Rim west of Buggeln Hill to the point jutting out north east of Hearst Tanks.
Colorado River South of Tanner Canyon Rapids.
Desert View Watchtower.
High above the Colorado River.
Shiva and Isis.
Siegried Pyre in the Distance.
Summoning Wotan.
Sunrise in the Grand Canyon.
Sunrise Light on a Grand Canyon Plateau.
Sunset near Hopi Point.
Last Light on Buddha Temple.
Walking out onto Shoshone Point.
Desert View Tower from the Tanner Trail.
Grand Canyon from Desert View.
Grand Canyon Sunset from the Tanner Trail 01.
Grand Canyon Sunset from the Tanner Trail 02.
Grand Canyon Sunset from the Tanner Trail 03.
Tanner Canyon Saddle.
ADT on Shoshone Road.
A Snowy view down to the Colorado River.
Bright Angel Trail in the Snow and Cliffs.
Colorado Clouds and Snow at the Watchtower.
Desert View Watchtower in the Clouds.
Footprint in the Snow.
Grand Canyon Storm Clouds.
Hiking towards Papago Point.
Ice on Shoshone Point.
Junction of the Hermit and Tonto Trail.
Jupiter Rama and Venus.
Light in the Storm 01.
Light in the Storm 02.
A quick stop at Lipan Point on the way back to Tucson after a great week in the Grand Canyon!
Mat Rockspirea on the Rim.
Monument Creek and Granite Rapids.
Nuthatch along the Shoshone Road.
Snow and Storm at Mather Point.
Snow and Sunset at the top of the Grandview Trail.
Snow at Navajo Point.
Snow on the Hermit Trail.
View from Papago Point.
Watchtower Sailing.
Zoroaster Angels Gate and Brahma Temple.
Zuni Point in the Clouds.
Zuni Point Marker.
Alison descending back to the New Hance Trail after sunset.
Descending the Waldron Trail.
Grand Canyon Sunrise near Yavapai Point.
Hermit Trail.
Isis Temple in the sunset from Mohave Point.
Mohave Point Sunset.
Osiris and Horus Temple Sunrise.
Sunrise at Hopi Point.
Salomon Temple.
Salomon Temple in the Sunset.
Sunrise on Shiva, Isis and Cheops.
View From the Waldron Trail.
Vishnu Temple and Rama Shrine.
Cedar Mountain Shadow stretching towards the Little Colorado River and Black Knob.
Cedar Mountain Shadow Crossing the Little Colorado River.
Castor Temple and Diana Temple.
Camped near Walapai Point.
Camped near Mescalero Point.
Angels Gate.
1928 General Land Office Marker along the Grand Canyon National Park Border.
Mom and Dad at Yaki Point.
Grand Canyon.
Clouds in the Grand Canyon.
Desert View Watchtower.
Elk and Snow.
The snow had only started about an hour earlier and kept away some of the usual visitors.
Little Colorado River from near Cedar Mountain.
Looking across the Grand Canyon from the Desert View Watchtower.
Looking down on the Bright Angel Trail.
Mather Point Empty and Grey.
Penstemon in the Snow 01.
Penstemon in the Snow 02.
Shoshone Point in the Clouds.
Snow on Shoshone Point.
Snow on the road to Shoshone Point.
Snow covered the nearly empty parking lot and as I stood in this spot taking pictures the tower nearly disappeared from view!
Sunset from Maricopa Point 01.
Sunset from Maricopa Point 02.
Swirling Clouds.
Tonto Trail in the Horn Creek Area from the Rim Trail.
A peak at the Colorado thru the clouds.
Historic Trash on the South Rim.
Looking Down Hance Creek.
Building near Grandview Point.
Salomon Temple.
East of Grandview Point.
Alison on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.
The hinges do suggest a gate, but our best guess on the day was that this was a small ladder to climb on top of a nearby boulder with an awkwardly high step up and a great view...
Grand Canyon Sunset.
Cedar Mountain.
Cedar Mountain Trail.
Clouds and Hints of Snow on the Rim Trail.
Cottonwood Creek from the Trail back up to Horseshoe Mesa.
Dana on the east end of Horseshoe Mesa.
From Shoshone Point.
Grand Canyon from Shoshone Point 01.
Horseshoe Mesa.
Horseshoe Mesa Toilet.
Looking back at Tipoff on the Tonto Trail.
Looking down on the Tonto from the Rim Trail.
Sun on the Tonto Trail.
Sunset from Shoshone Point 02.
Seventy five Mile Creek from the Tanner Trail.
Alison and Richard heading up the Bright Angel Trail.
Alison on the Bright Angel Trail.
Colorado River.
Looking down on the Bright Angel Trail from Plateau Point.
Meeting Stacie on the Bright Angel Trail.
Moon from the Plateau Point Jacket.
Sunset at Plateau Point.
Alison climbing up the Hermit Trail.
Alison hiking up the Grandview Trail.
Enjoying the Hermit Trail.
Night view from the Grandview Trail.
Snail on the Grandview Trail.
Taking a break on the Grandview Trail.
View from the Hermit Trail.
Angels Window.
Cape Royal just after Sunset 01.
Cape Royal just after Sunset 02.
Cape Royal Sunset 01.
Cape Royal Sunset 02.
Enjoying the night on Bright Angel Point.
Enjoying the view from the top of Angels Window.
Photo by Dana Hartley.
Lights on the North Rim from Bright Angel Point.
Moon from Bright Angel Point.
Roosevelt Point.
Stars from Bright Angel Point.
A Viewpoint East of Grandview
Looking across Plateau Point from the Kaibab Trail.
Kaibab Trail Reflection.
Kaibab Trail.
Clouds over the North Rim.
Dana in the Supai Tunnel.
Looking back at the Silver Suspension Bridge and Kaibab Suspension Bridge from the River Trail.
Finishing R2R with Dana at the the Bright Angel Trailhead.
Dana on the River Trail.
Almost to the Silver Suspension Bridge.
Climbing away from Indian Garden.
Looking back at Phantom Ranch.
Descending Roaring Springs Canyon on the North Kaibab Trail.
Watching Rafts on the River from the Silver Suspension Bridge.
Nearly finished with our R2R looking back across the canyon to the North Rim.
Shade and Sun on the North Kaibab Trail along Bright Angel Creek.
Flower along the Greenway - Pricklepoppy.
Taking a break on the Tonto Trail.
Sunset on the Bright Angel Trail.
Looking down to Phantom Ranch from the Tonto Trail.
Flying out an Injured Hiker at Indian Garden.
Buddha Temple from the Tonto Trail.
At the Grand Canyon National Park Boundary.
Looking North from Comanche Point.
Looking North along the Palisades of the Desert.
Lights in the Canyon.
Hermit Creek.
Gold Mountain.