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Footprints in the Desert - 11/4/2020, 1/18/2020, 1/20/2020

Created and Updated by Charles Miles on 1/25/2021.

2021 January Left behind in the desert
Left behind in the desert. Charles Miles. 1/18/2021.
2021 January The Tiered Cosmos
The Tiered Cosmos. Charles Miles. 1/18/2021.
2021 January Grinding Holes
Grinding Holes. Charles Miles. 1/20/2021.
2021 January Ironwood East Petroglyph 06
Ironwood East Petroglyph 06. Charles Miles. 1/20/2021.
2020 November Sherd in the Samaniego Hills
Sherd in the Samaniego Hills. Charles Miles. 11/4/2020.
2020 November Samaniego Hills Petroglyphs 01
Samaniego Hills Petroglyphs 01. Charles Miles. 11/4/2020.

Ironwood Forest National Monument - what a wonderful place to wander thru the desert...

2020 November Sunset from the Samaniego Hills
Sunset from the Samaniego Hills. Charles Miles. 11/4/2020.

Posts Before/After:
2021 January A View Across the Hay Hook Ranch from Point 4181 with Mount Lemmon in the distance
Coyote Mountains North East Boundary Access Improvements - 1/17/2021
2020 March Windmill reflection in a tank below Crow Windmill
Crow Wash - 11/10/2020, 3/22/2020
2020 November Fall Color on the San Pedro River
San Pedro River - Late Fall Color - 11/18/2020
2021 May Ironwood Flowers in the Sun
Blooming Ironwoods - 5/5/2021
2021 April Diana Temple from Mescalero Point in the Sunset
American Gods, Mimbreno Point and Mescalero Point - 4/23/2021-4/24/2021
2021 April Topaz Canyon and Castor Temple on the way to Walapai Point
How Long to Get Here, Walapai Point - 4/21/2021-4/22/2021