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Access to the east side of the Tortolita Mountains.
Loops on the roads thru the Southern Samaniego Hills and around Pan Quemado in Ironwood Forest National Monument.
Coyote Mountains Wilderness access notes and information about an August 2018 purchase by the Arizona Land and Water Trust that creates legal parking adjacent to the Wilderness.
Photos from Agua Dulce Road in Ironwood Forest National Monument with some information on Lord's Ranch.
A drive from the north side of Ironwood Forest National Monument thru the Samaniego Hills to Silverbell Road.
A drive thru Pima County's Empirita Ranch including a visit to Wakefield Spring.
In January of 2020 Freeport-McMoRan paid the minimum bid of $13,578,000 to purchase 16,670.569 acres (26 square miles) of Arizona State Trust Land..
The blue hashed area in the center left is the approximate area of the 16k acre (26 square mile) Arizona State Trust Land Sale for the expansion of the Bagdad Mine. Prescott in center right for size reference.
Cover Page from Arizona State Land Department Public Auction Sale No. 53-119697.
Arizona State Trust Land Public Auction Sale No. 52-119697 which was sold to Freeport-McMoRan for an expansion at the Bagdad Mine.
Sherds on the slopes of Cerro Prieto.
Picacho Mountain Petroglyphs 08.
Picacho Mountain Petroglyphs 14.
Inscription Hill Petroglyphs-6.
Inscription Hill Petroglyphs-1.
Picacho Mountain Petroglyphs 01.
Picacho Mountain Petroglyphs 10.
Inscription Hill Petroglyphs-14.
Picacho Mountain Petroglyphs 06.
Inscription Hill Petroglyphs-12.
Inscription Hill Petroglyphs-19.
Picacho Mountain Petroglyphs 11.
Inscription Hill Petroglyphs-18.
Picacho Mountain Petroglyphs 02.
Inscription Hill Petroglyphs-10.
Inscription Hill Petroglyphs-15.
Inscription Hill Petroglyphs-3.
Picacho Mountain Petroglyphs 07.
Inscription Hill Petroglyphs-17.
Picacho Mountain Petroglyphs 05.
Picacho Mountain Petroglyphs 12.
Gate at the San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area Border.
Inscription Hill Petroglyphs-11.
Picacho Mountain Petroglyphs 09.
Inscription Hill Petroglyphs-13.
Inscription Hill Petroglyphs-7.
Picacho Mountain Petroglyphs 04.
Picacho Mountain Petroglyphs 03.
Empirita Ranch Sign on the Empirita Ranch Road with the Santa Rita Mountains in the Background.
Canyon Wall near The Lake.
The Lake in the Santa Rita Mountains.
Years ago I would likely have rejected this route since it is dirt road rather than trail - which now seems stupid, this journey was the same either way and to see this landscape was special.
When I first saw this picture I thought that there was some odd error/mistake - the road ahead and behind look so similiar - really just in the middle of nowhere with Creosote all around!
Just off Highway 80 this was a great landmark for the start of my run - there did seem to be some ok parking just outside the State Land gate (if you have a non-tempting car anyway...).
Picture included since it is a bit of a landmark - less than 5 minutes from Middlemarch road on the route I took you should see this gate with a AZ State Land sign.
The land here was just a bit different - not sure if the impact was grazing or... The signs in the area noted that berms had been build and reseeding done - perhaps to restore this area - a restoration on the N-Bar ranch is also mentioned on the signs.
A couple of miles in there was an area that seems to get some heavy use by cattle - a nearby pen seemed like it would be quite an unpleasant area if the cows were there...
Ragged Top from the East.
Ironwood East Petroglyph 10.
Ironwood East Petroglyph 09.
Ironwood East Petroglyph 08.
Ironwood East Petroglyph 07.
Ironwood East Petroglyph 06.
Ironwood East Petroglyph 05.
Ironwood East Petroglyph 04.
Ironwood East Petroglyph 03.
Ironwood East Petroglyph 02.
Ironwood East Petroglyph 01.
Inscription Hill Petroglyphs-4.
Picacho Mountain Petroglyphs 13.
Inscription Hill Petroglyphs-8.
Inscription Hill Petroglyphs-16.
Inscription Hill Petroglyphs-5.
Inscription Hill Petroglyphs-9.
Inscription Hill Petroglyphs-2.
Under the Power Lines.
Trincheras 01.
Trincheras 02.
Millipede Passed.
Balloon Trash.
Ragged Top in the Distance.
Poppies and Goldfields along the Arizona Trail.
This dirt road - across from the Curtis Windmill on Highway 80 - can take you to the San Pedro (on foot anyway - the road is gated at the BLM land boundary).
Just off Middlemarch Road.
Grinding Holes.
Dead Millipede Legs.
Dead Millipede.
Fields of Yellow on the Arizona Trail.
Owls Clover and Goldfields.
Reaching Arms.
Saguaro in Ironwood Forest National Monument.
Sunset with Bighorn Fire Smoke.
Smoke and Flames from the Bighorn fire under the Moon and Stars.
Sun Setting behind Oracle Ridge with Smoke from the Bighorn Fire.
Sunset over Rice Peak with Smoke from the Bighorn Fire.
There are 3 markers on this hilltop labeled 3128' on the USGS Quads.
Looking over the San Pedro River into Smoke from the Bighorn Fire.
Bighorn Fire Smoke Rising to the Moon.
Bighorn Fire Smoke Rising South of Piety Hill.
Bighorn Fire Smoke Rising from the Santa Catalina Mountains.
Bighorn Fire Smoke Covering Mount Bigelow and Green Mountain.
Bighorn Fire Smoke blanketing the Santa Catalina Mountains.
Bighorn Fire Flames North of Piety Hill.
Bighorn Fire Burning Near Piety Hill and Redington Road.
A Locked Gate into Pima Countys Empirita Ranch.
Wolfberry I believe...
Whetstone Mountains from the edge of Wakefield Canyon in the Empirita Ranch.
Wakefield Spring.
Wakefield Canyon looking towards Wakefield Spring.
Unusual Ocotillo Growth.
Old Corral above Wakefield Canyon with Rincon Peak in the Background.
The Arizona Trail Crossing the Tucson Wash North of Oracle.
Santa Catalina Mountains from the Arizona Trail North of Tucson Wash Road.
Blooming Paloverde and Saguaros with Ragged Top and Walcott Peak in the Background.
Waterman Mountains from the Samaniego Hills in Ironwood Forest National Monument.
Silver Bell Mountains from the Samaniego Hills.