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Pictures and Notes from a day hike to Mimbreno Point - located west of Hermits Rest and the most heavily used parts of Grand Canyon National Park Mimbreno Point juts out into the Grand Canyon above Vesta Temple and between Boucher Creek and Topaz Canyon.
A hike from the Papago Well Trailhead to Papago Spring on the southwest edge on the Rincon Mountains.
A hike to the summit of Ragged Top - a beautiful desert summit in Ironwood Forest National Monument.
Page 22 from Arizona Cattle Ranching in the Modern Era 1945-1970, National Register of Historic Places.
1st Page from the Arizona Wilderness Act of 1984.
First Page of Morris Udall's Arizona Desert Wilderness Act of 1990.
Map of the Arizona Military Telegraph system constructed in the 1870s. Page 103 from Words By Iron Wire.
Page 2 from Words By Iron Wire.
Cover Page from Phoenix Final Wilderness Environmental Impact Statement.
Cover Page from Portrait and Biographical Record of Arizona.
Page 3 from Cattle Ranching in Arizona 1540-1950, National Register of Historic Places.
Page 3 from Presidential Proclamation 7263 - Establishment of the Agua Fria National Monument.
Cover Page from Camp-Fires on Desert and Lava, William T. Hornaday, Sc.D..
Cover Page from The Archaeology of Southeast Arizona: A Class I Cultural Resource Inventory.
Cover Page from Arizona Place Names - Will C. Barnes.
The January 18, 2000, Presidential Proclamation establishing the Agua Fria National Monument.
A history of Cattle Ranching in Arizona from 1540 to 1950 written for the National Register of Historic Places.
A BLM document that was prepared to meet the requirements of the Federal Land Policy and Management Act of 1976 which required the BLM to review lands under its management for potential Wilderness Area designation.
A 1935 book on Arizona Place Names.
Published the the BLM The Archaeology of Southeast Arizona: A Class I Cultural Resource Inventory by Gordon Bronitsky and James D. Merritt summarizes and assesses the cultural resources in southeastern Arizona - published in October 1986.
Text and photos from an early 20th century journey from Tucson across the desert southwest to Sonoyta and finally to the Gulf of California by William T Hornaday and a party including Dr. Daniel Trembly MacDougal and Godfrey Sykes.
A book by Martha Summerhayes about her remarkable journeys and life with the US Army from 1874 to 1910.
In 1990 Representative Morris Udall's Arizona Desert Wilderness Act created 38 new Wilderness Areas in Arizona.
Representative Morris Udall's 1984 Arizona Wilderness Act created 25 new Wilderness Areas and made additions to 5 existing Wilderness Areas.
A 1901 book by the Chapman Publishing Company of Chicago that presents biographies of prominent Arizonans - 'Commemorating the Achievements of Citizens who have Contributed to the Progress of Arizona and the Development of its Resources'.
A concise history of Cattle Ranching in Arizona from 1945 to 1970 written for the National Register of Historic Places.
A 1967 Master of Arts Thesis by Norman L. Rue on the Construction of the Military Telegraph in Arizona Territory, 1873-1877.
Picacho Mountain Petroglyphs 08.
Picacho Mountain Petroglyphs 14.
Picacho Mountain Petroglyphs 01.
Picacho Mountain Petroglyphs 10.
Picacho Mountain Petroglyphs 06.
Picacho Mountain Petroglyphs 11.
Picacho Mountain Petroglyphs 02.
Picacho Mountain Petroglyphs 07.
Picacho Mountain Petroglyphs 05.
Picacho Mountain Petroglyphs 12.
Picacho Mountain Petroglyphs 09.
Picacho Mountain Petroglyphs 04.
Picacho Mountain Petroglyphs 03.
2000 Summer Sedona.
2000 Summer A View of Northern Arizona.
Parker Dam.
Paradise Forks Red Faced Warbler.
Paradise Forks.
Lara Climbing in Paradise Forks.
Charles climbing in Paradise Forks.
Compared to some other parks there was not as much obvious/exposed to see - but amazing to see this site and ponder the 1000+ room pueblo that was in this location.
An exposed section at Homolovi II.
Looking Downcanyon from Glen Canyon Dam.
Picacho Mountain Petroglyphs 13.
Snowbowl Aspen Nature Loop.
Morenci Mine.
Made in the Shade.
Alison at Tonto Natural Bridge State Park.
Fall and Reflection.
Looking out from Highway 89.
Desert View Watchtower.
Driving Home.
Little Colorado River from near Cedar Mountain.
Looking across the Grand Canyon from the Desert View Watchtower.
Between Zion and Flagstaff we stopped at the Pipe Spring National Monument and took the tour of Winsor Castle.
Pipe Spring National Monument Telegraph Line.
Tiger Salamanders are an introduced species and seemed to be thriving in the ponds - I couldn't find any information on why/when they were introduced...
Virgin River On the Way from Vegas to Cedar Breaks.
At the end of our Death Valley trip, on the way back after spending the night at the Mount Charleston Lodge.
After Sunset from the Devils Highway.
Cedar Mountain.
Cedar Mountain Trail.
Sunset off Highway 191 West of Rose Peak 01.
Sunset off Highway 191 West of Rose Peak 02.
Sunset off Highway 191 West of Rose Peak 03.
Coal Mine Canyon 01.
Coal Mine Canyon 02.
Coal Mine Canyon 03.
Coal Mine Canyon 04.
Cottonwood Creek from the Trail back up to Horseshoe Mesa.
Dana on the east end of Horseshoe Mesa.
Driving towards Second Mesa.
From Shoshone Point.
Grand Canyon from Shoshone Point 01.
Horseshoe Mesa.
Horseshoe Mesa Toilet.
Looking back at Tipoff on the Tonto Trail.
Looking down on the Tonto from the Rim Trail.
Sun on the Tonto Trail.
Sunset from Shoshone Point 02.
Cliffside Columbine.
End of the Day on West Clear Creek.
Mariposa in West Clear Creek.
West Clear Creek.
Alison on the Jim Bryant Trail.
Arizona 179 into Sedona from Cathedral Rock.
Cathedral Rock in the Moonlight.
Cathedral Rock Shadow.
Cathedral Rock Silhouette 01.
Cathedral Rock Silhouette 02.
Last Shot of the Night on Cathedral Rock.
Looking Down Canyon from the Jim Bryant Trail 01.
Looking Down Canyon from the Jim Bryant Trail 02.
Moonrise from Cathedral Rock.
Sandstone and Clouds from the Jim Bryant Trail.
Sedona in Moonlight from Cathedral Rock 01.
Sedona in Moonlight from Cathedral Rock 02.
Sunset from Cathedral Rock 01.
Sunset from Cathedral Rock 02.
The Nuns.
Sunset on the Rainbow Rim Trail south of Parissawampitts Point.
First time hiking the Elden Lookout trail - we both noted it is somehow strangely similiar to the Lemmon Lookout trail!
Fire on Mount Trumbull.
A View from Parissawampitts Point.