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A hike into the Coyote Mountains from the northeast corner of the Wilderness.
Coyote Mountains Wilderness access notes and information about an August 2018 purchase by the Arizona Land and Water Trust that creates legal parking adjacent to the Wilderness.
Text that appeared for many years on the BLM's Coyote Mountains Wilderness warning that the is no legal access to the Coyote Mountains Wilderness. Snip taken 1/16/2021.
Cover Page from Phoenix Final Wilderness Environmental Impact Statement.
Page 11 from BLM Coyote Mountains NE Access Land Acquisition Environmental Assessment showing the parcel the BLM purchased in 2020 and 2018 Pima County Easements.
Cover Page from the July 2019 San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area Record of Decision and Approved Management Plan - July 2019.
Image of the BLM's Overview Map for Agua Fria National Monument.
Cover Page from The Archaeology of Southeast Arizona: A Class I Cultural Resource Inventory.
The 2018 Environmental Assessment of the BLM's plan to purchase 477 acres of land to provide better access to the Coyote Mountains Wilderness.
A BLM document that was prepared to meet the requirements of the Federal Land Policy and Management Act of 1976 which required the BLM to review lands under its management for potential Wilderness Area designation.
Published the the BLM The Archaeology of Southeast Arizona: A Class I Cultural Resource Inventory by Gordon Bronitsky and James D. Merritt summarizes and assesses the cultural resources in southeastern Arizona - published in October 1986.
An overview map of the Agua Fria National Monument from the BLM.
The July 2019 Record of Decision and Approved Resource Management Plan for the San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area.
I stopped here to check out the access/parking and had no idea that this small set of trails/signs/parking/bathroom were here until I arrived - clearly need to read up on the San Pedro more! Millville in the Background.
Empirita Ranch Sign on the Empirita Ranch Road with the Santa Rita Mountains in the Background.
Dittert Site.
Birch Hollow.
Rappelling In Birch Hollow.
View of the Sky from Birch Hollow.
Snake in Birch Hollow.
Birch Hollow Narrows.
Birch Hollow First Rappel.
BirchHollow Bushwack Finish.
Old railroad perhaps? Taken from near the Contention Ruins.
A small path lead from the end of the road down to the river.
First glimpse of the green near the San Pedro River.
Gate into the San Pedro RNCA.
Charles headed South along the Sand Pedro River.
I had disturbed a great blue heron and it had flown along the river - I was hoping to get a better view of it and was moving cautiously and not only did I see the heron but also this troop of Coati!!! They either ignored me or did not know I was there was at least several minutes - wishing I had more than my little point and shoot along, I think I could have gotten some great shots!
Still in business today - http://www.aermotorwindmill.com/
This windmill had a storage tank and open tank, the storage tank was holding water (that I took advantage of for 'dump over me' water on the way out).
While windmills are fairly common in the west I don't know much about them and it was fascinating to see this piece.
Momsen-Dunnegan-Ryan Co El Paso Texas.
Great Blue Heron and Deer.
Surface flow was intermittent, where it was flowing it was amazing!
Coati in the San Pedro River.
VLA from the Datil Well Recreation Area.
Looking across Wakefield Canyon and the Empirita Ranch.
Haystack Mountain and Cottonwood Peak.