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An 1893 map of Pima County by George Roskruge including smaller inset maps of Tucson and Nogales - an interesting resource for historic names and locations.
Late 1990s Backpacking - Wilson Creek in the Rain with Dana and .
Alison Tent.
Charles by the Tent.
Desolation Wilderness.
Lake Tahoe.
2000 Summer A View of Northern Arizona.
2000 Summer AB Young Trail in Sedona.
2000 Summer Alison in the Grand Canyon.
2000 Summer Alison Jumping in Orderville.
2000 Summer Alison looking into the Grand Canyon.
2000 Summer Bryce Canyon.
2000 Summer Cedar Breaks.
2000 Summer Charles and Alison in Flagstaff.
2000 Summer Charles and Alison in Orderville Canyon.
2000 Summer Charles and Alison in the Grand Canyon.
2000 Summer Charles Hiking in Bryce.
2000 Summer Charles in the Grand Canyon.
2000 Summer Charles Wading in the Zion Narrows.
2000 Summer Glen Canyon Dam.
2000 Summer Grand Canyon.
2000 Summer OrdervilleCanyon.
2000 Summer Sedona.
2000 Summer Sun going down in Bryce.
2000 Summer Zion Visitors Center Parking Lot.
01 Fall Lara and Dana Gates Pass.
01 Fall West of Tucson.
Alison and Sleeping Bag.
Alison Hiking in White Sands.
Alison in White Sands.
Camping in El Malpais.
Camping in the Organ Mountains.
Campsite in the Organ Mountains.
Charles and Sleeping Bag in El Malpais.
Charles on the Lava.
Cliff Dwellings from the Canyon.
Gila Cliff Dwellings.
Gila River.
Hiking below the Cliff Dwellings.
Lava Fields.
Lava Tube.
Lava Tube, Snow and Shadows.
Lava with Snow in the Background.
Menacing Cows in El Malpais.
Small Drainage.
Tracks in the Sand.
White Sands.
Wasson Peak.
Alison in the Pinaleno Mountains.
Charles in the Pinaleno Mountains.
Looking Down from the Pinaleno Mountains.
Pinaleno Mountains.
Pinaleno Mountains Stream.
Rocks in the Pinalenos.
Scrambling in the Pinaleno Mountains.
Small Falls in the Pinaleno Mountains.
Smoke in the Pinaleno Mountains.
Alison and Charles in the Grand Canyon.
Close up in the Grand Canyon.
Alison on Playhouse Rock.
Alison on the Kelso Dunes.
Alison outside our Hotel Room in Flagstaff.
Camped at Joshua Tree.
Charles at Kelso Dunes.
Charles on Playhouse Rock.
Charles Outside our Hotel Room in Flagstaff.
Cinder Cones.
Cold in Flagstaff.
Eric in Joshua Tree.
Great view from Joshua Tree.
Hiking around Dairy Queen Wall.
Hiking in Joshua Tree.
Hoover Dam-000012.
Kelso Dunes Lizard.
Kelso Dunes View.
Lizard in the Sand of Kelso Dunes.
Lizard on the Dunes.
Messages in the Dunes.
Searching for Dairy Queen Wall.
Struggles in the Kelso Dunes.
Writing in the Dunes.
Brad Climbing at the Dells.
Brad Climbing in the Watson Lake Dells.
Brad starting the Guillotine at the Dells.
Ken Climbing at the Watson Lake Dells.
Alison and Charles.
Alison and Charles camping in Joshua Tree.
Alison Climbing Leaping Leana.
Alison in Joshua Tree.
Alison on Leaping Leana.
Brad and Charles under Locomotion Wall.
Brad leading Jumping Jehosephat.
Brad on Jumping Jehosephat.
Charles and Alison in Joshua Tree.
Charles and Brad at the top of Locomotion Rock.
Charles at Lake Havasu.
Charles in the Skyline of the Joshua Sunset.
Charles on Jumping Jehosephat on Locomotion Wall.
Charles with Cholla in Joshua Tree.
Cholla in Joshua Tree.
Climbing in Cochise.
Dust Storm on the Highway.
Joshhua Tree.
Joshua Tree Sunset.
Pack Rat nest in Joshua Tree.
Parker Dam.
Startled Camper in Joshua Tree.
Sunset in Joshua Tree.
Alison and Charles in the Chiricahua National Monument.
Alison hiking in the Chiricahua National Monument.
Charles in Chiricahua National Monument.
Sunset in Chiricahua National Monument.
View from the trail in Chiricahua National Monument.
2nd Pitch of Hanging Gardens.
Camping at Yavapai Campground.
Coming Down Hanging Gardens.
Dana on Time Zone Wall.
Gardeners Wall.
Hiking to Gardeners Wall.
Looking Back at the Car.
McDowell Mountains.
Rocks in the McDowell Mountains on the way to Gardeners Wall.
Top of Hanging Gardens.
Top of Time Zone Wall.
View from the Top of Hanging Gardens.
Alison on Cat in the Hat.
Alison walking out to Mescalito in Pine Creek Canyon.
Charles on Cat in the Hat.
Getting set to come down.
Jackrabbit Buttress, Juniper Canyon.
Kevin leading on Geronimo.
Kevin taking a break on Cat in the Hat.
Second Rap on Geronimo.
The top of Cat in the Hat.
Thru the Red Rocks.
Top of Geronimo.
Alison admiring the Fiddler Crabs.
Alison and Charles in Red River Gorge.
Alison near our Camp in Moab.
Canyonlands Grand View Area.
Charles and Alison in Rocky Mountain National Park.
Charles at our camp in Moab.
Christmas and Alison in Rocky Mountain National Park.
Delicate Arch.
Hawks Nest, West Virginia, in the rain.
Kansas Hay.
Red River Gorge.
Rocky Mountain National Park.
Rocky Mountains Bier Stadt Lake.
The End!
The Start!
Summit of Humphrey's Peak.
Winslow Wall Climbing Area.
Winslow Wall parking area with Chris.
Adventure Pass Side 1.
Adventure Pass Side 2.
Dave on Angel's Fright.
Left Ski Track.
Charles in the Tent.
Charles leading the Bong.
Finally on the Clump.
Jeff and Maryanne.
Leah Leading.
Under The Bong in Joshua Tree National Park.
Chris climbing the Roof.
Sullivan Canyon Chris Headed out from the Cave.
Sullivan Canyon Twin Cracks.
Verde River.
Alison Leading Pitch 4 of Geronimo.
Alison leading Pitch 5 of Ewephoria.
Easter Climbing.
George leading Pitch 3 of Ewephoria.
Red Rocks Yellow From Climbing Shoes.
Solar Slabs Ledge.
Top of Ewephoria.
Camping in Flagstaff.
Charles Jumping in Mystery Canyon.
Cold Water in Pine Creek.
Dana Rappelling in Pine Creek.
Dana Splashing into Mystery Canyon.
Hike out of Pine Creek.
In the Pine Creek Narrows.
Lara Rappelling out into the Narrows.
Last Rappel in Pine Creek.
Mystery behind the Sand Pile.
Mystery Canyon Jump.
Mystery Canyon Permit.
Mystery Canyon Spring.
Mystery Canyon Walls.
Observation Point.
Pile of Sand in Mystery Canyon.
Pine Creek.
Rappel into Mystery Spring.
Rappelling in Pine Creek.
Sun Coming into Pine Creek.
Sunny Ledge in Pine Creek.
View from above Last Rappel.
Waiting in Pine Creek.
Zion Campground.
Zion Observation Point.
Dave Climbing End Game.
Alison on Double Dogleg.
Dappled Mare.
Dave on Double Dogleg.
Relaxing on Lost Horse Wall.
Bark Canyon Glory Road Pitch 2.
Bark Canyon Summit.
Cold January on Bark Canyon Wall.
Cold on the top of Bark Canyon Wall.
Hueco Tanks - Kiva Cave.
Organ Mountains New Mexico.
Above Red Snapper in Paradise Forks.
Alison Above Chlorox.
Below Wet Dreams in Paradise Forks.
Jugging Super Crack at Paradise Forks.
Paradise Forks Pillow Wall Pan.
Paradise Forks Prow Area Pan 1.
Paradise Forks Prow Area Pan 2.
Starting Red Snapper.
Summit Hut Sahuaro You on Jacks Canyon Sign.
Vacationing in Paradise Forks.
West Fork of Oak Creek Canyon 1.
West Fork of Oak Creek Canyon 2.
Ken Battles Super Crack at Paradise Forks.
Ken in Super Crack - Paradise Forks.
Alison at the Top of Trash Can Rock.
Charles leading Dappled Mare.
Charles on Top of Lost Horse Wall.
Dave Climbing Pitch 3 of Geronimo.
In Front of the Suncoast.
On top of Lost Horse Wall.
Static Line and Toilet.
Static Line Revenge.
Tent on Table 1.
Tent on Table 2.
Tent on Table 3.
Dave - Do Not Throw Rocks Over Cliffs.
Dave at the top of Pitch 3.
Dave on Sine Wall at Paradise Forks.
Dave Rappelling off Whale Dome.
Do Not Throw Rocks Over Cliffs.
Top of The Prow.
Alison finds some Shade.
Dave on Taxman 2.
Poor Weather in Zion.
Start of the Trip.
View from Angel's Landing.
Alison on the Eggplant.
Another View of the Rockfellow Group.
Charles Sleeping in Cochise Stronghold.
Climbing at the Dry.
Looking into the Cochise Dome Area.
Rockfellow Group.
Bats in Reno.
Finishing Relay Peak.
Lovers Leap.
Relay Peak.
Snow on the Tahoe Rim Trail.
A Cold Plunge into Echo Canyon.
AJ on Super Crack at Paradise Forks.
Birch Hollow.
Birch Hollow First Rappel.
Birch Hollow Narrows.
Birch Hollow Start.
BirchHollow Bushwack Finish.
Echo Canyon Narrows.
First Pools in Echo Canyon.
Jenny at Paradise Forks.
Looking out of Echo Canyon.
Lounging in Echo Canyon.
Muddy Start to Birch Hollow.
Paradise Forks Climbing.
Rappelling In Birch Hollow.
Snake in Birch Hollow.
View of the Sky from Birch Hollow.
Alison Climbing in Big Cottonwood Canyon.
Dana Climbing in Big Cottonwood Canyon.
Old Pueblo Race Tag.
Summit Hut 24 Hour Race Team.
Alison above the Petroglyphs.
Alison in Orderville.
Cedar Breaks Alpine Lake - Charles and Alison.
Cedar Breaks Alpine Lake - Dana and Lara.
Cedar Breaks View.
Charles climbing in Paradise Forks.
Cold Pools in Orderville.
Dana in Orderville.
Dana on Rappel in Spry Canyon.
First Rappel into Spry Canyon.
Heading into the final section of Spry Canyon.
Lara Climbing in Paradise Forks.
Lara Headed into the Spry Canyon Narrows.
Lara in Orderville.
Lara in the Orderville Waterpark.
Looking for the Marmots in Cedar Breaks.
Orderville First Rappel.
Orderville Handline Downclimb.
Orderville Narrows.
Paradise Forks.
Paradise Forks Red Faced Warbler.
Petroglyphs along the Spry Canyon Approach.
Rattler in Orderville.
Sliding Thru Orderville.
Spry Canyon Approach.
Spry Canyon Hanging Rappel.
Sun and Shade in Orderville canyon.
Suspended Garden above Orderville.
Top of the First Falls in Orderville.
Zion Squirrel 1.
Zion Squirrel 2.
Alison in front of the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse.
Birds above the water on the Cape Hatteras National Seashore.
Flowers in the Elizabethan Gardens on Roanoke Island.
ADT with Bug.
The outdoor performance stage at the Roanoke Festival Park - I played here for the NCSA in the summer of 1999.
Hiking the slightly flooded boardway around the Roanoke Island Festival Park.
In the Elizabethan Gardens.
The reconstructed Roanoke Marsh Lighthouse off of the Manteo waterfront.
Beach rolling.
Beach rolling.
Beach rolling.
Beach rolling.
Beach Rolling.
Beach Rolling.
Beach rolling.
Beach rolling.
Rolling on the beach...
Beach rolling.
Beach rolling.
Beach rolling.
NC Coast Hatteras LightHouse.
Windy beach/overcast day/ADT.
Brown Mountain.
Brown Mountain Bee Hive.
Brown Mountain Dam.
Brown Mountain View.
Alison on the Second Rappel in Englestead.
Charles at the Mid Wall Station.
Charles on the First Englestead Rappel.
Cliffs on the Englestead Approach.
Dana in the depths on Englestead Hollow.
Downclimbing in Englestead Hollow.
Hiking in Englestead Hollow.
Hiking the Middle Fork of Taylor Creek.
Ice at the start of Englestead.
Lara on the First Rappel in Englestead.
Rappeling off a jammed log in Englestead.
Starting the Technical section of Englestead.
The Start of the Englestead Narrows.
View from the Kolob Section Road.
Dave B on Where Two Deserts Meet in Joshua Tree National Park.
ADT on the Behunin First Rappel.
Alison starting the Second Rappel.
Charles and Alison Working on the AZ Trail.
Charles Setting the First Behunin Rappel.
Charles starting the last Rappel in Behunin Canyon.
Dana after the First Rappel in Behunin.
Dana Rappeling the Rotting Log.
Dana Rappeling the Rotting Log 2.
Dave Baker working hard on the Ariona Trail.
Lara Hiking to Behunin Canyon.
Lara in Behunin Canyon.
Summit Hut Trail Building Crew at an AZ Trail Building Event.
Blackbirds on Limb.
Flocking Blackbirds.
Sweetwater Blackbirds.
Yellow Headed Blackbird.
Sweetwater Alison with Turtle.
Sweetwater Dragonfly.
Sweetwater Dragonly Head On.
Sweetwater Purple Dragonfly.
Above the Final Rap.
Behunin ADT Starting the Next to Last Rap.
Behunin CM and ADT.
Behunin Final Approach Section.
Behunin Final Rap.
Behunin First Rap.
Behunin Heading Up Walters Wiggles.
Behunin Ken after the Entrance Raps.
Behunin Looking Back on Angels Landing.
Behunin The Canyon Welcomes Us.
Boltergeist above the final Rap.
Boltergeist First Rap.
Boltergeist Rap.
View from the Yankee Doodle Area.
Yankee Doodle Above a small drop.
Yankee Doodle ADT getting ready.
Yankee Doodle Beautiful Narrows.
Yankee Doodle Chris on the First Rap.
Yankee Doodle CM Unpacking.
Yankee Doodle Final Pothole.
Yankee Doodle First Rap.
Yankee Doodle Human Anchor.
Yankee Doodle Ken on the First Rap.
Yankee Doodle Ken Unpacking.
Yankee Doodle Shade in the Narrows.
Yankee Doodle Tree Cross Section.
ADT and Ruby Beach Logs.
ADT on the Hoh River Trail.
Bank of the Hoh River.
Bird On A Wire Coffee.
City Lights while heading back to Seattle on the Ferry.
Faint view of Mount Rainier.
Forks Motel.
Glaciers in the Olympics.
Heading from Bainbridge to Seattle on the ferry.
Hoh Rain Forest Moss and Reflections.
Hoh Rain Forest Sun and Shadows.
Hoh Rainforest looking up.